1.3.3. Multiple Currencies not working correctly

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    However around the end of October this feature effectively no longer works correctly. This is the case when using the online update function OR the manual changing of currency rates.The root cause appears to be that the online update of currency values no longer works (I get an error message – cannot get data from WWW!). This in turn appears to be caused by the YAHOO service no longer being available (see https://yahoo.sdx.socialdynamx.com/port … n/19248672). In other words YAHOO have disabled this service (there are of course other sources for the same information)

    If I try to manually update the currency values, the new value appears in the currency dialog, BUT importantly the grand totals on MMEX do not change. So entering manually the current currency exchange rate seems to have no effect.So for me, the MMEX multiple currency function now no longer works correctly.This has been reported partly in post by mr108 on the 1st November (the issue for him being stock prices and currency updates not working – for presumably the same reason).Is there a work around that actually works?

    Please help

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