Amazon Prime Shipping Issues since move from UPS to USPS

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    Hey everyone,

    Amazon Prime has started to ship using the USPS versus UPS over the past few weeks – at least in my area. Specifically they now ship between warehouses using their own truck fleet and then transfer to a local post office for local delivery. In any case – over the last couple of weeks I’ve had 3 delivery problems and wondering if anyone has experienced the same and/or has request a prime-partial-refund due to the issues. Two problems were simply packages arriving in 3 days instead of 2. This isn’t too bad but I am paying a premium to get everything in 2 days so feel I am no longer getting what I paid for. The 3rd issue was that today a package arrived damaged (it was hand soap – the cartoon was banged so bad the box was soaked with liquid and placed inside a plastic bag by the USPS) – I will plan to ask for an RMA to send it back but that will be a pain – the time spent returning it will coast me more than the effort to just eat the damaged product. With 3 issues in 2 weeks – seems like I have a trend that I can expect to continue.Anyone else having issues? Maybe just my local Postal Service?

    Please help

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