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    We are about to switch from OSC to ShopSite and it appears we are going full speed in reverse with shipping options. Here are the problems we are having:

    1) The cart only allows for UPS or table rate which means it is not item specific. There is no way to have UPS for one and table rate for another then have them add together

    2) There is no way to assign a vendor address to a product

    3) All of the threads I have read come to a brick wall and I haven’t found an add on module to solve this

    4) I am going to have to assign an arbitrary shipping cost to the item that is regardless of zip codes and/or include shipping

    5) My competitors have flexibility in their system

    Any help would be greatly appreciated but I worry with 10+ vendors with their own shipping locations I may have just made a huge mistake.

    Please help

    I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.


    Motion Infographic Animation Company


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